25Live FAQs

25Live FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


What can't I do in Academic Spaces?

Because Academic Spaces are classrooms, there are a few extra parameters that apply to these spaces. Below is a list of some of the most prevalent parameters:

  • No food in Academic Spaces
  • No screenings of films, TV shows or sporting events
  • No moving of large furniture–particularly podiums and lecture stands


Why do my 25Live requests keep getting denied?

There are many reasons why a reservation request might be denied. Typically, whenever a reservation request is denied, the Event Management Office will send an email with the reason why your request was denied. 

Perhaps the most common reason why an event request is denied in 25Live is because the request violates the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). The MOU, in the simplest terms, is the building hours of a space for CIOs. The difference between building hours and the MOU is the following: building hours is whenever the building is open and the doors are unlocked; the MOU is when the individual rooms are available for CIOs.

Where many event requests go wrong is that a CIO will mistakenly think that just because their event falls within the building hours, this means the space is available. For instance, a CIO may Google New Cabell Hall, see that the building opens at 9am on Thursdays, and then put in a reservation request for New Cabell Hall at 10am. However, CIO events are only allowed to occur within the MOU. The MOU for New Cabell Hall (Monday through Thursday) is 6pm-10:30pm. So, if the event request was for 10am, it would then be denied for violating the MOU. 

To see the MOU, please click here.