Commonwealth Room

Commonwealth Room


The Commonwealth Room is a large meeting room with windows located at the south end of the 3rd floor of Newcomb Hall overlooking Emmett Street. The space has a door that connects it to Room 389. The Commonwealth Room is often utilized for meetings, lectures, fairs, and small banquets or luncheons.

Available Setups & Capacities

  • Total empty capacity: 100
  • Chairs in rows: 100
  • Banquet: 64 (8 tables)
  • Resource Fair: 18 tables
  • Board Room: 20
  • Chairs in Circle: 40
  • Classroom: 40 
  • U-Shape: 32

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  • (8) 60" round tables
  • (18) 6' x 30" rectangular tables
  • (100) blue plastic stacking chairs
  • Window shades
  • Wooden Lectern
  • Dry-erase board

Available Audio-Visual Equipment (must request in EMS)


  • Ceiling mounted projector and drop-down screen


  • Ceiling mounted speaker system, 3 handheld wireless microphones

Video Conferencing:

  • Two adjustable wall mounted webcams - select which individual camera to use on touch panel in room
  • Ceiling mounted whole room microphone

Specific Space Policies

  • None

Food Policy

  • UVA Catering is the only approved caterer for this space. No other food or drinks may be served in the Commonwealth Room. 

Sample diagrams of events in the Commonwealth Room:

Chairs in rows setup diagram
Chairs in rows setup
Banquet Setup Diagram
Banquet setup
Resource Fair setup diagram
Resource Fair setup