Rotunda Garden



Garden Map

Only spaces highlighted in red in gardens I, II, V, VIII, IX, and X can be used (all other gardens are private).

Map of useable gardens I, II, V, VIII, IX, and X



Located behind the pavilions on the lawn are walled gardens – 6 of which are available for event reservations through Event Management.


Gardens are open to public when not in use for an event. Events may take place between the hours of 10am and Dusk.

Setups and AV

Event organizers are responsible for setting up the space for their event and returning it to the way they found it prior to leaving. AV and event furniture is not available through Event Management in this location. Event organizers may contract with event rental companies, Facilities Management, or bring their own equipment so long as it complies with University policies around fire safety and egress.


There is no parking at any garden. Use East Range Rd or West Range Rd for immediate loading and unloading only. If parking vehicles after loading/unloading, event organizers and their guests must utilize standard employee/student lots with appropriate parking permit and/or guest lots paying any fees required to Parking and Transportation. Cars parked in loading/unloading areas are subject to ticketing and tow at the owner’s expense. 


  • Only the lower portion of the gardens behind 6 of the lawn pavilions are available to the public. The lowest portion of the gardens are normally separated by a wall, except Pavilion VIII which does not have a wall between the private terrace and the garden (please note that the terrace is private at all times). Pavilion X has three tiers and the lowest tier is the only space available for use (the middle and upper tiers are private).
  • Gardens do not have restrooms/water fountains – the closest public restrooms are located at the Rotunda or Old Cabell Hall.
  • Gardens do not have electricity.

Available Setups & Capacities

  • Garden I: 200 people max
  • Garden II: 200 people max
  • Garden V: 200 people max
  • Garden VIII*: 300 people max
  • Garden IX: 300 people max
  • Garden X**: 50 people max

*Pavilion VIII does not have a wall between the private terrace and the garden so please note that the terrace is private at all times.

**Pavilion X has three tiers and the lowest tier is the only space available for use. The middle and upper tiers are private.


  • None

Available Audio-Visual Equipment (must request in EMS)

  • None – Note amplified sound is not permitted within the gardens

Space Specific Policies

  • The following are not permitted in the Gardens: amplified sound, lights, grills, and tents.
  • All event equipment must be brought into this location by the event organizer. Tables and chairs are not provided by Event Management Services.
  • Set up and breakdown shall occur within the time the reservation is made; set up and breakdown shall occur immediately prior to and following the event unless special arrangements are approved. Tables, chairs, and other equipment shall not be left in the Gardens overnight.
  • Activities shall be confined to the Garden paths and grassy areas only. There shall be no intrusion into mulch areas or beds, nor sitting or climbing on the Garden walls.
  • Ice and trash shall be removed from the Gardens immediately following the event. Ice shall not be dumped in any area of the Garden. All trash must be placed in the nearest dumpster or trash receptacle.
  • For events which involve alcohol, attendance must be limited to organization members and their invited guests. BYOB events and kegs are NOT permitted in the Gardens. Any and all events which involve alcohol must be approved by the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. Request use of alcoholic beverages.
  • The sponsor shall be responsible for any and all costs to repair any area(s) of the Garden damaged by the sponsor or guests’ negligence or failure to follow University guidelines for use of outdoor areas.

Food Policy

  • No restrictions on catering

Additional Information

Any individual affiliated with UVa (current student, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, or his or her immediate family members) may reserve the Gardens listed above for a private social event up to one year in advance of the event date. CIOs, FOAs, Special Status Groups and University Departments may also reserve these Gardens. External/non-UVa affiliated individuals may not reserve Gardens at this time.

The Event Planning Office does NOT provide any tables or chairs for events in the Gardens. Events in the Gardens that require tables and chairs should acquire these resources through external organizations.

There is no rental fee for the Gardens listed above. Please note that these gardens are the lower gardens behind each pavilion. The upper garden is reserved for the pavilion resident at all times.

Garden VII may be reserved through the Colonade Club. Gardens IV and VI are private and cannot be reserved at this time.