McLeod Hall

McLeod Hall

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McLeod Hall is an academic space that resides in the School of Nursing. Its largest space is a lecture hall which has a capacity of 476. The primary purpose of McLeod Hall is to serve the academic pursuits of those students who are pursuing a degree in Nursing or a related field. 

McLeod Hall's large capacity and ideal location has made it a highly desirable location for performance groups to host concerts. While McLeod Hall is highly sought after by performance groups--particularly a cappella groups--its primary function is still to serve the School of Nursing. It is for this reason that it is essential that the physical integrity of McLeod Hall be preserved. It is a great privilege that the School of Nursing has allowed CIOs access to their space, a privilege that the School of Nursing may revoke if it believes that the space is being violated. 

In an effort to preserve the space, the Event Planning Office will be coordinating with student groups to place as little strain on McLeod as possible. While McLeod is a highly desirable space, there are other deserving spaces on Grounds, such as the Chemistry Building, Gilmer Hall, Wilson Hall, the Newcomb Hall Ballroom, Runk and more. 

Each week, McLeod will only be reservable by student groups for one performance per Thursday and one performance per Friday and Saturday. There can not be performances on both Friday and Saturday in a single week. 

Any questions about McLeod Hall should be directed to [email protected].