Rates and Fees

Rates and Fees

When and how are fees assessed?

Room Charges

Room charges are determined primarily by the type of group making the reservation. Other factors in determining fees include the type of event, whether admission or registration fees will be charged, and what the composition of the audience and/or participants will be.  

Fees may also be assessed for audio/visual (AV) equipment use, setups, overtime, staffing, rain site holds, or other special circumstances. You will be notified of these fees at the time of your request.  

For current room rental, equipment rental, and labor fee schedule see listings at the bottom of this page, or contact [email protected].

Student Organizations

Student organization (CIO) meetings and events will not incur a room rental fee. A Student Conference room rate will be added if the majority of attendees at an event are not current University of Virginia students, faculty, or staff. The rate will also be added if the student organization charges a registration fee.  

CIOs may be charged for additional non-standard equipment or staff support if it is requested for the event. CIO rates for equipment and staff labor would be provided at the time of the request by the CIO. 

University Departments

Departmental meetings and events will not include a room rental fee. However, a department room rental fee will be added in the following instances:  

  • The department collects a registration fee  

  • The majority of participants at an event are not affiliated with the University, but the department is still managing the event  

  • A non-University group is sponsored by a department, but the department is still managing the event  

  • An event is social in nature or otherwise not directly related to University business, even if attendees are University of Virginia faculty and staff  

Departments may be charged for additional non-standard equipment or staff support if it is requested for the event. University department rates for equipment and staff labor would be provided at the time of the request by the department. 

Non-University Groups

As noted in Section 1.2.2, external organizations are not permitted to reserve spaces through Event Management without being sponsored by a student organization (CIO) or University department. The sponsoring CIO or department will be held responsible for the activities of the non-University group 

The external room rate will be charged to a University department or student organization (CIO) sponsoring a non-University group if the majority of participants are not from the University and the UVA department or CIO is not managing the event. Additionally, external rates will be charged for equipment rental and staff labor.  

Sponsored External Room Rates List (pdf)

Solicitation is not permitted within EMS spaces. As part of a CIO or department sponsored resource/information fair vendors/businesses may participate in, recruit at, or showcase products during the event. Note – EMS reserves the right to charge a vendor table fee to each vendor participating in such events.  


Some events may require hiring the University Police Department and/or RMC for security. Events which take place after midnight, have alcohol (Section 4.1), are collecting a significant amount of paper money, or which are determined by the University to pose a safety or security risk are required to have security present.  

Hiring Security 

If an event is required to have security, or if the event organizer desires to have security, the organizing group or department must submit a Security Request Form. Forms must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event. Submission of the request form does not guarantee security at your event.  

When required, failure to obtain security one week prior to the event date will result in the event being cancelled.  

The University Police Department reserves the right to determine how many officers are needed and for what length of time. Security must be hired for a minimum of three hours. Security will be provided beginning at least one-half hour before the event and end at least one-half hour after the event.  

The Division of Student Affairs may have funding available to assist in covering the cost of Security for an event, however everything not covered by Student Affairs will be the responsibility of the event host. For additional information, please contact the Office of Student Engagement ([email protected]).  

If an event with security confirmed is cancelled, the event organizer must inform Event Management no less than three days prior to the event. If an event is cancelled as a result of weather within three days of the event, the organizer must contact the University Police Department directly. Failure to communicate cancellation may result in the organization being billed by the Police for the scheduled hours.  

Preparing for security at your event 

The event organizer must provide a day-of point-of-contact for security and University staff to communicate with. The event organizer must also provide an event plan that includes but is not limited to: a clear run-of-show (start/end time), crowd control procedure/staffing, entrance plan (ID/bag check, staffing, etc.), and disbursement of crowd following the event.  

Cancellation Policy and Fees

To cancel a reservation, the event requester must email [email protected]. Reservations canceled less than 72 hours prior to event may be subject to fees or loss of scheduling privileges. 

If an event is not canceled and the event host fails to show up for their reservation, it will be considered a NO SHOW. The organization hosting the event may be subject to fees and/or lose scheduling privileges. The length of time this privilege is revoked is determined on a case-by-case basis by EMS leadership.  

Types of Fees and Fee Schedule




Room Rental 

Cost charged to event organizer for using the space and basic setup of furniture within it. 

CIOs and Departments are not charged for internal events.  


External events charge varies on space(s) reserved (contact EPS). 

Equipment Rental 

Cost to rent equipment not in basic setup for the space (pipe and drape, stanchions, etc.).  

Cost varies by item, view: Equipment Price List (pdf). 

Cancellation Fee 

See Section 1.7 - Applied for cancellations with less than 72-hour notice. 

$25 (for departments) or counts as a strike against organization (may lose scheduling privileges) (CIOs) (beginning Fall 2023).  

Late Change Fee 

See Section 1.6 - Applied when changes are made to a reservation with less than 72-hour notice.  

$25 + the cost of labor/equipment requested (beginning Fall 2023).  

No Show Fee 

See Section 1.7 - Applied when no notice is given of cancellation and reservation is not used. 

$50 (for departments) or counts as a strike against organization (may lose scheduling privileges) (CIOs) (beginning Fall 2023).  


See Section 2.4 - Applied when an organization is found to be responsible for damage to facilities. 

Cost is determined by cost to repair or replace damage.  

After Hours Fee 

See Section 3.1.2 - Charged when event requires the Facility to remain open after or before normal posted hours. 

$100 per hour the facility needs to be open outside normal hours (beginning Fall 2023). 

General Labor 

Charged when additional labor is required to complete request of event organizer or restitution of damages. 

$30/hr for each staff person needed (charged in 30min increments).  

AV Tech 

Charged when event organizer requests to have an AV tech in their space for the entirety of their event. 

$40/hr for each staff person needed (charged in 30min increments). 

Equipment Price List (pdf)