Room 389

Room 389


Conference Room 389 is a meeting room with fixed hollow square tables and chairs setup with basic A/V.

Available Setups & Capacities


  • Rolling chairs (23)
  • 6' rolling tables (11)

Available Audio-Visual Equipment


  • 75" monitor mounted on wall, laptop connections (including wireless) are available in the room


  • Ceiling mounted speaker system, no microphones available 

Reservation Scheduling

Additional time is automatically added to your reservation in order to give our staff proper time to setup and breakdown your events. When entering your event time, be aware that you will automatically have that additional time added to your reservation.

Conference Room Auto Setup & Breakdown Times: half hour auto setup time and 15 min breakdown

Space Specific Policies

  • Furniture in this space is fixed and should not be moved without prior permission of Event Management Services
  • Furniture may not be removed from the room or utilized in the hallway

Food Policy

  • No restrictions on catering

Photos of the Space: