Ballroom Lobby

Ballroom Lobby


The Ballroom Lobby is a lounge area and entrance lobby to the Ballroom. This space is typically only available when reserving the Ballroom and is utilized for check-in or fair style setups. 

Available Setups & Capacities

  • Standing Capacity: 200 people
  • Resource Fair/Check-In: 4 tables, 8 chairs


  • Available lounge furniture

Available Audio-Visual Equipment (must request in EMS)

  • Power at check-in tables must be requested in advance to ensure access

Space Specific Policies

  • This space must be booked in conjunction with the Ballroom, or be approved by the Director of Student Engagement under common space use policy
  • Lounge furniture cannot be removed or moved without the explicit permission of Event Management Services

Food Policy

  • UVA Catering is the only approved caterer for the Ballroom. As this space must generally be used with the Ballroom, it is also generally required in the Ballroom Lobby. No other food or drinks may be served in this space without the explicit permission of Event Management Services.

Photos of the Space: