Frequently Asked Questions



How long does it take for my event request to be confirmed in EMS?

The Event Management Office receives thousands of event requests a semester, so it may take some time to process your request. Some events are simple, and they require minimum setup and attention; these events tend to get confirmed rather quickly. Some events are large and span multiple dates and spaces. Naturally, these events will take longer to process as there is more to do. The best way to ensure that your event is processed in a timely manner is to provide as much detail upfront as possible to make sure that you have selected all of the resources you would like at your event.

Do I need to submit any forms for my event?

For more complex events, a few forms may be required. To get the best sense as to whether or not you need to submit any forms ahead of your event date, please visit our Forms page

I am not a UVA Student or Staff member. Can I reserve a space?

In order to reserve most spaces, you must be a designated Event Requester. Only current UVA students and Staff members may be Event Requesters. There are a couple of spaces--namely the UVA Chapel and UVA Gardens--that Alumni and external organizations/individuals can request to reserve. To do so, please send a detailed email to [email protected] with your request.

I am a current UVA Professor/Faculty member. How do I reserve a space for a class-related activity?

All class-related activities in Student Activity Spaces must be booked through the University Registrar's Office. For example, if a professor wishes to book the Newcomb Hall Theatre in order to screen a film, the professor must contact the University Registrar's Office with the request. The University Registrar's Office will then book the space for the professor.