Reservation Process

Reservation Process

Creating a Reservation

The first step in creating a reservation is understanding the kind of space you would like to reserve. Student Affairs has two main kinds of spaces:

  • Academic Spaces

  • Student Activity Spaces


Academic Spaces are essentially classroom spaces. Only current UVA students can reserve classrooms and lecture halls. To reserve an Academic Space, do so at this link: 25Live

Student Activity Spaces are general venues not intended for UVA classes. Student Activity Spaces can be reserved by any member of the UVA community who is a designated Event Requester. For more information on Event Requesters, click here.

To reserve a Student Activity Space, do so at this link: EMS.

Placing a Reservation Request

The process for reserving an Academic Space and reserving a Student Activity Space are similar. In both instances, you are placing a request for a reservation. It is important to note that a request for a reservation is not a confirmation. Once your request has been placed, Event Management will then review your request and will do one of the following:

  • Confirm your request

  • Deny your request

  • Ask for more information


Event Management reviews each request, and makes a decision how to proceed based on the information provided in the reservation request. Event Management has the authority to deny requests at our discretion. To increase the likelihood of having your event confirmed, please include as much information as possible. Below is a list of reasons why an event might be denied:

  • Lack of information/description

  • Event request violates policies

  • Event Requester fails to respond to requests for more information

  • Event Requester fails to complete relevant forms on time


Confirmations are sent based on the reservation request. If the resource is not listed on the reservation request, it will not be listed on the confirmation. If the resource is not listed on the confirmation, it will not be present at the event. Below is a list of items to include on your reservation request:

  • Audio and Visual equipment (Projector, sound system, microphones)

  • Number of tables (Round, rectangular)

  • Stage

  • Setup/Orientation

(NOTE: events in Academic Spaces cannot have resources added to the room. The spaces come as is.)


Once an event has been approved, Event Management will send a confirmation email. It is important to read over the confirmation email to ensure all the relevant information is listed. 

The Operations Team will set up your event based on the confirmation, so if something is not listed on the confirmation then you should contact Event Management as soon as possible.

To contact Event Management, please do one of the following:

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Call: 434-924-7225

  • Visit the Event Management Office on the fourth floor of Newcomb Hall (Room 454)

Issues Logging In?

Having issues logging into EMS? For students, only the current President and Vice-President of your registered CIO may have access to EMS. Verify that your roster has been updated on Presence. If you continue experiencing issues, reach out to Event Management at [email protected].

For faculty and staff, please contact the Event Management office at [email protected].

For alumni, please do not log in to EMS. For alumni related events, please email [email protected] with your inquiry.

Auto Default Time for Setup & Breakdown

Additional time is automatically added to your reservation in order to give our staff proper time to setup and breakdown your events. When entering your event time, be aware that you will automatically have that additional time added to your reservation. 

  • Ballroom - 3 hour auto setup time and half hour breakdown 
  • Ern, Forum, Runk, and SAB -  1.5 auto setup time and half hour breakdown
  • Commonwealth Room - 1.5 hour auto setup time and half hour breakdown
  • South Meeting Room - 2 hour auto setup time and half hour breakdown
  • Theater - 1 hour auto setup time and half hour breakdown
  • Conference Rooms (fixed setup) - half hour setup default time & 15 min breakdown


BUILDING HOURS:  Ern, Forum, Runk & SAB are open for setup at 8:30am (M-F) and 9:30am (Sat & Sun)


  • Ballroom, South Meeting Room, Commonwealth Room, Ern, Forum, Runk & SAB: Most large setups that starts before 12pm will need a setup done the night before. If this is not possible, then we may not be able to accommodate the event. Event management will need to determine this.

SPECIAL BUILDING HOURS (summer and holidays shortened):
NOTE: Newcomb spaces on Sat & Sun – open for our setup at 8:30am.
Ern, Forum, Runk & SAB are open for our setup at 8:30am (M- F) & 9:30am (Sat – Sun)