Event Requesters

Event Requesters

Why does Event Management Services require Event Requesters?

An Event Requester is the go-to contact for placing, modifying, confirming and cancelling requests between Event Management and your department or Contracted Independent Organization (CIO)To ensure that requests are booked efficiently, we require that departments and CIOs submit requests through a designated Event Requester. This relationship streamlines communication between your group and the Event Coordinators in our office, and ensuring familiarity with the systems, policies, room setups, available equipment, schedules, forms, etc. 

What about Academic Spaces and other Schedulers? (Student Groups)

Requests for academic spaces are made through 25Live.  Event Requesters are NOT required for requests made through 25Live.

Our office only processes requests made through 25Live for academic spaces made by CIOs (departments must email [email protected]). Requests for academic spaces must be submitted at least three business days before the event date. 

Intramural-Recreational Sports Locations, including Carr's Hill Field, Lambeth Field, Mad Bowl, etc. are managed through this reservation system.

Designating an Event Requester

How does a CIO designate an Event Requester?

Each CIO will have two event requesters based on their roster in Hoos Involved. The President and Vice President listed on the roster will be pulled into our database when we run the update, allowing those users to login to EMS with their NetBadge.

To update event requesters, your organization should ensure that the President and Vice President are listed correctly on your organization’s roster. Organizations with two presidents will allow both presidents to become event requestors in EMS. If there are two vice presidents, the VP listed first alphabetically will be pulled into our database along with the President. Changes will take 24-48 hours to process. If your account is not activated within 48 hours, please contact [email protected].

How does a department designate an Event Requester?

Departments may have up to two Event Requesters (if you feel you need additional Event Requesters, please contact us).

What if I am not affiliated with the University of Virginia?

Weddings and Chapel Services

All services in the Chapel or other spaces managed by Event Management, which are not on behalf of a student group or department, can be placed directly through our email: [email protected].

Wedding requests can be placed up to a year in advance, except for the Fall Semester. Requests for the Fall Semester cannot be made until the academic schedule and football schedule are finalized.

Only the partners or their immediate family members may make reservations.


If you are interested in using one of our spaces for recruiting, please contact the Employer Relations and Events Coordinator (434-924-8908) at University Career Services.

External Clients, Alumni and UVA Staff (not requesting for a department or CIO)

All other requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please submit them directly through our email: [email protected].

If you are affiliated with the University of Virginia, but are not requesting on behalf of a department or CIO, you should also place the request directly through our email: [email protected].

Further Assistance

If you need assistance with making requests through our office or have a general question, and could not find the solution here, please contact us Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm:

Event Management Services
[email protected]