homer statue on the south lawn

South Lawn/Homer Flat

South Lawn/Homer Flat

The South Lawn, otherwise known as Homer Flat, is located in front of Old Cabell Hall on Central Grounds. It is on the opposite side of the Lawn of the Rotunda.

The South Lawn is located in front of Building 31 on this map

Dimensions: 209′ x 204′

All equipment must be brought to this location. There are no tables or chairs available.


To request an event on the Southeast Terrace, please email or call the ODOS Event Planning Office at Newcomb Hall at 434-924-3203.

Please include a detailed description of the type of event, how many participants will attend, whether or not food will be offered, and if power or sound amplification will be requested.

No displays may be placed on the Lawn with the exception of small wire flags or small rocks/stones. One display per day is permitted and may not be higher than two (2) feet.

The South Lawn includes only the grassy area of the lower terrace. Sidewalks are not to be obstructed. For use of Old Cabell steps, contact the Music Department at [email protected].